Pro-Level Pickups and Electronics for Guitar and Bass

Electronics Wiring Diagrams

3 Band EQ Pre-Amps


NTMB Family


TCT family

  • TCT (3 band EQ, 300Hz mid cut,  +9 volt tone control): TCT
  • NTCT (3 band EQ, 400Hz mid-cut, 9 volt tone control): NTCT
  • XTCT (3 band EQ, 500Hz mid-cut, 9 volt tone control): XTCT
  • XTCT-H (3 band EQ, for pickups with low output levels, 500Hz mid-cut, 9 volt tone control):


2 Band EQ Pre-Amps


Adjustable Gain Buffered Pre-Amps



Booster Pre-Amps


 Magnetic/Piezo Pre-Amps

  • MPB2-918 (Flat frequency response, no low freq. boost, on the piezo): MPB2-918
  • MPB1-918 (Low frequency boost on the piezo side): MPB1-918

Active Parametric Filter



Pre-Amp & Buffers Archives


Archive NTMB Family

  • NTMB (3 band +9 volt tone control w/ switchable mids):  NTMB-918F    NTMB-Archive
  • NTMB-918 3 band +9 or +18 volt tone control w/switchable mids: ntmb-918-Archive
  • NTMB-918F (3 band +9 or +18 volt tone control w/switchable mids): (Pre-2012):ntmb-918-f-Archive
  • NS2TMB-18 (3 band 18 volt (+9v/-9v) tone control w/ dual buffer DB18.1): Ns2tmb18-Db18.1

Archive NTBT Family

  • NTBT (2 Knobs: Stacked Vol/Vol, stacked Treble/Bass): ntbt-1
  • NTBT (4 Knobs: Vol, Blend, Bass, Treble): ntbt-2
  • Old TBT:  tbt-old

Archive Buffered 2 Band EQ

  • MPXTBT (stacked Vol/Vol, stacked Treble/Bass):Mpxtbt-d
  • TBIBT Vol; Blend; Bass; Treble: tbibt

Archive Buffers


Switch Wiring Diagrams

Active/Passive Switching

Switch Wiring Archives

  • Active/Passive Switching A/P switching -for older (i) preamps:   ppapsw-i