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  • * Guitar Humbuckers

    We offer our PBF line of PAF Humbuckers and the Vintage Humbucker line.

  • V92C-B

    Guitar Humbucker: Warm, clear tone – for neck or bridge

  • 1C

    Guitar Humbucker: Our first humbucker , unequal windings for a clear, clean tone that tends toward single coil

  • 1CTA

    Guitar Humbucker: Very near the 1C tone (part way to single coil tone) but equal windings for best noise rejection. Neck position.

  • 1D-01

    Guitar Humbucker: More lows and low mids than V92C-B – for bridge

  • PBF-49

    PBF Guitar Series: Vintage neck humbucker -solid body guitar

  • PBF-57

    PBF Guitar Series: Jazz Guitar (hollow body) bridge humbucker

  • PBF-77D

    PBF Guitar Series: High output, distortion humbucker

  • PBF-55

    PBF Guitar Series: Rock or Jazz neck humbucker

  • PBF-51

    PBF Guitar Series: Vintage bridge humbucker -solid body guitar

  • ACE-H-70

    ACE Guitar Series: Alnico-CEramic neck humbucker -solid body guitar

  • ACE-H-75

    ACE Guitar Series: Alnico-CEramic bridge humbucker -solid body guitar